Essay ›The New Berlin‹

Design Master, Sandberg Instituut

The book ‘Mind the Gap Berlin’ critically examines the reconstruction of Berlin City Palace in Berlin’s Mitte district from a designer’s point of view. Why is a democratic nation planning to rebuild an icon of its undemocratic past? Can it be that Berlin City Palace is not an issue of historical reconstruction but a question of political iconography? And what are the possibilities for a designer to engage with this case? What about the seductive power of the image, hidden stories, forgotten trails of history and German politics today? What about alternative futures for this place? The most relevant parts of the whole process went into a book that is inviting its readers for a visual, metaphorical and speculative journey through my research.

Read the short version of my essay ›The New Berlin‹, as published in the invitation booklet of the exhibition ›The Next Big Thing‹ in August 2010. The full-length essay can be found in the book ›Mind the gap Berlin‹.

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