Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Zichtbaar Afwezig (‘Visibly Absent’)

Matthias Schreiber has translated Jeff Koons’ piece Ushering in Banality into an inflatable, far larger than the original work. The size of his variant confers a conceptual character on the piece. Its inflatable nature is a reference to Koons, who has himself produced such works. In Schreiber’s version, Koons’ criticism of the consumer society will now float freely over the business centre of Amsterdam.

Zichtbaar Afwezig (‘Visibly Absent’) is a collaboration between the Stedelijk Museum, the Sandberg Instituut and the Rietveld Academie. Students react to the modern-art and design collection and make the world-famous works visible in an unconventional way. New liaisons are created between original and reproduction, that questions the phenomenon ‘icon’. In March, May and September 2009 the projects have been on display throughout the city.